sexta-feira, 30 de julho de 2010

Em tons de violeta

Ontem fiz este quadro pela noite dentro...tapei outro de que não gostava, usei muitas técnicas, fui observando as misturas dos tons - apenas roxo e branco com gel impasto. O efeito foi imediato, belo, misterioso, com laivos de poesia. O versão final - sem verniz - é esta.

Vai aqui um poema em inglês ( desculpem) que encontrei no blogue : Frogyfish, É uma adaptação dum poema muito conhecido, mas não tão belo, de Jenny Joseph sobre o qual segue uma nota:

The original 'Warning, When I Am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple' poem was written by Ms. Joseph in 1961 when she was thirty years old, a stunning treatise of aging expressed with intense feelings and description, and her poetically stated intentions that were quite exquisitely out of the ordinary!

'My Purple Poem'

When I am an old woman, I will wear purple!

Yes, and hot pink with roses that smell

(if you scratch them) so wonderfully well!

I shall wear my purple and pink in the fall

and not worry should 'looks' follow, wherever I stall.

On the sidewalk or street bench I'll sit in the sun,

and never get up until I am done.

Yes, wearing purple I'll feel such a queen,

and won't mind a bit when some watch me preen.

In fact, I'll enjoy a sneak peak now and then

just to see if they wonder, and smile once again.

I'll wear my bright purple and feed squirrels and birds,

enjoying their friendship without any words.

Yes, sharing these songs of the feathered and furry,

I'll hear all the sounds of this world without worry.

Green leaves rustle tunes for each season they last,

till winter has come and their sound is all past.

Those greyed branches that tremble and lift to the sky

are rooted in earth that holds spring's bright sigh!

So, aging and newness walk life altogether,

and holding each other they face any weather.

For spring comes again, and then summer's bloom,

before autumn's cooling portrays winter's loom...

Ah! And I have worn purple, and looked in the eye

of each day and each storm that has come and passed by!

Sure, wearing my roses and bright purple hue,

I'll smile at the world and...perhaps at you too!

(While you may be thinking 'You'll wear purple too!)

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